Restoration and conservation services for:

  • Watercolour and body colour paintings.
  • Graphite and ink drawings.
  • Gouache and acrylic paintings.
  • Pastel and chalk drawings.
  • Prints – intaglio, woodcut and lithographs.
  • India and screen prints.
  • Crepe papers.
  • Posters.
  • Paper objects and toys.
  • 16th – 20th century documents and family pedigrees.
  • Oriental papers and screens.

Conservation work carried out in the studio:

  • Photographic and written documentation.
  • Removal of acidic back boards, adhesive tape and old repairs.
  • Float and blotter washing.
  • Stain and rust removal.
  • Foxing and mould removal.
  • Missing areas repair.
  • Paper pulp repairs.
  • Water damage repair.
  • Retouching and pigment consolidation.
  • Linings for fragile or brittle paper.
  • Vacuum table treatment.
  • Preventative measures to lessen the rate of natural degradation.

Consultancy services:

  • Collection surveys to record current condition.
  • Devising conservation programmes.
  • Advice on monitoring storage conditions and housing alternatives.
  • Custom made acid free housing – solander cases, files, albums etc.
  • Illustrated lectures.
  • Immediate response for collections damaged by flood or fire.

Commissioning work

When a number of treatments are possible the alternatives are discussed with the client. Conservation will be undertaken only after the client has been fully informed of the proposed conservation and quotes and completion dates agreed. With the understanding that museum level conservation would always be ideal we appreciate that in the real world it is sometimes necessary to tailor the conservation to a level which is appropriate considering the value of the object and other priorities.

Large collections

We undertake the care of pictures and archives in a number of historic houses where the collections are large and diverse. Rolling plans are established, working to an annual budget. Either working alone or under the instruction of an archivist, plans are devised to ensure the best long term care – giving priority of the most vulnerable. The aim is to develop an archive which is easily accessible and ensure it is in good heart for generations to come.

Public access

When items are to go on display or whole archives opened to the public, Armor Paper Conservation can provide frames and display cases and offer handling and security guidelines.